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Ever felt like you have some time to spare, just waiting around for an appointment, job interview, pick up the kids at school? It's just enough time to spend doing something else, yet not enough to start a new project. These are the times of Addictive games to play online. Free games to play online can fill your time gaps with fun and excitement; perhaps that's why they become so addictive! The number of websites offering games to play for free is on the rise, from motorbike games to arcade town games such as Bubble Trouble 2, Ninja Hunter, Diesel and Death and many others.

Addictive games come in a variety of forms, or flavours, offering a diversity of thrills for every taste. For those who enjoy more action a number of action games exist, such as motorbike games, sports games and shooting games. The supply is abundant, a thrill seeking, flash game enthusiast would only need to type the game genre in a Google search and watch the many results come rolling in. Then in a matter of seconds, you can be playing some great motorbike games online for free.

One of the best things about addictive games is that they are usually so easy to play and each time you play you try to beat your previous score. For some return players and hardcore players, keeping score is a must. For these online gamers a genre exist called High score Games'. These are games where players create a free account in which his high scores are kept time and time again. The visitor could try beating his own high score or the best score for a particular game. If you are caught in addictive games you may want to go for an all-around trophy, and award given to the player in certain websites for the most high scores. This can be big fun for modest competition as you contend against other players from around the world. Most free online game websites now include free chat, a forum, and private messaging so you may even make a friend or two.

Some players are not really into sports, or strategy, but a good old fashioned shooting game in multi-player mode. If shooting multi-player action is your thing you will just love Bubble Trouble 2 a game where you and friends have to zap the balls and move on to the next level. However this game is actually trickier than you would think and you will soon be desperate to beat your previous score and move on to the next level. When does this game become addictive? I'd say once you reach level 29 there is no turning back. Once you start playing Bubble Trouble 2 you will want to keep playing it over and over. As the actual length of the game is quite small, you can easily fit a few games of Bubble Trouble 2 into your coffee break at work or at home and not lose too much time. Be advised though, this is one of those addictive games that will suck you in and make you addicted to it in no time.

Fun addictive games are a great alternative if you are just looking to fill up some time. All you need is a PC with an internet connection and away you go. Getting together with friends just adds up to the fun, keeping high scores, and playing in multi-player mode. So next time you have some spare time, why not go online and check out the numerous amounts of free addictive game offers available, who knows, you might be the next champion?
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